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Meet your Farmers

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B&B Family Farm is a small veteran-owned homestead nestled in the foothills in the fertile Ohio River Valley. We provide our customers with high quality products that are grown and raised in a natural, ethical, and sustainable manner

Our small Southern Indiana farm sells locally to customers in the Louisville Kentucky and surrounding areas. Only 20 minutes west of Louisville we  offer a limited market garden, occasional limited hog shares, goat related products. Various plants and trees throughout the year including vegetable and herb starts and landscaping plants, free range eggs and high quality hand-crafted natural products which are sold nationwide. Our families garden has expanded year after year in a build up to be able to convert to a full fledged market garden soon.

When our first daughter was born, food quality and nutrition became a priority for us. We started to actually pay attention to the amount of processed garbage food we were consuming. Growing as much of our families food as we could became our goal and passion. We started this adventure in 2012 and drew on influences from the likes of Jack Spirko, Geoff Lawton, Joel Salatin, Sepp Holzer, and Paul Wheaton. I have had a green thumb since as long as I can remember, but the resources and education those men provide were crucial to our success.


The knowledge attained over the years has improved our ability to produce high quality and larger quantity of healthy nutrient dense food for our local community. We hope to provide educational workshops to share our learned knowledge of small and medium size gardening and farming with our community and you our readers in the near future.

We are currently utilizing rain water catchment, onsite composting, ethical animal husbandry practices, rotational grazing and more. Our farm offerings are ever expanding as we implement our long term plans to scale up for the benefit of our communities food security and to offer a premium product to you. Subscribe to our mailing list for occasional updates and promotional offers.

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