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Our Flock

We run a mixed flock with a variety of different breeds. Our flocks coop is attached to a large covered run that is fenced to protect from our local predators, but our birds are regularly allowed to free range in a wide variety of forage-able areas. From sunny pastures with grasshoppers, worms, native grasses and weeds, to leaf litter bugs in the thick of the surrounding woods nearby. Our chickens are a family favorite and the eggs are unlike the caged and "cage-free" eggs available at the grocery store. Local new customers who mention this page get their first dozen on the house. Egg production can fluctuate throughout the year. Call or email to check availability. 


Weekly Dozen


We prefer to have repeat customers and will prioritize our regulars. Our flock size is typically around 20 birds who lay roughly 8-10 dz eggs per week.

We offer both washed and unwashed eggs and can collect fertilized eggs if desired for incubation purposes.

If you are local and would like to join our weekly dozen program, please feel free to reach out via email or the "Let's Chat" button in the bottom right hand corner to check availability.

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